Access to Education

Muciri is a passionate champion for universal education in the Digital Age.

Muciri is committed to helping children get the education they deserve and offers special rates to students facing technology-related issues, whether it be problems accessing online school platforms, schools instituting online censorship or punishment, student privacy violations, or any other technology-related or technology-driven matter relating to children in the K-12 education system.

Muciri seeks to improve access to education and access to justice.

Muciri is a policy-driven law practice dedicated to digital equity and inclusion. Muciri believes that society can never truly flourish in the absence of reliable and equitable access to (1) an education that allows for the development of critical thinking skills and (2) good quality legal services. Muciri believes that these two “essential services” are at the core of an individual’s ability to successfully access all other essential goods and services.

If you are facing a technology-related challenge in the K-12 system, schedule an appointment today.